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 What is a smart set-top box

2017/10/27 10:53:46      view:2472
A smart set-top box is a set-top box that runs on android. In addition to the traditional TV box functions, smart set-top boxes can achieve all the functions of a computer: browse the web, watch movies, watch TV, listen to music, socialize, play games.
Product function
Live webcast
There is no cable TV, satellite reception or no paid TV program at home, and there are more than 300 live TV programs available here, which support the ability to look back.
Hd network video
The video website contains a huge amount of hd video, including movies, TV series, variety, animation, tourism, learning, music... Tens of thousands of video networks are updated every day.
Built-in WIFI, wireless Internet access
Screen more interactive
Through mobile terminals such as mobile phone and pad, you can share your video, music, image and other media files on TV simultaneously.
Turn screen
Turn screen function is a network television set-top box, smart TV, high-definition players industry one of the important functions of the current technology including DLNA, AirPlay, Miracast and some private agreement, turn screen function in areas such as home entertainment, business office and its extensive application prospect. ShowKey like a magic key to smart TV function, plugged into any one has HDMI TV or projector and so on big screen terminals, step 3 simple and direct, the home of ordinary high-definition TV easily into hd smart TV
Convenient to manipulate
In addition to retaining the traditional remote control method, we also support wireless mouse and keyway mouse to complete all operations