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 The difference between a traditional set-top box and a smart set-top box

2017/10/27 10:55:19      view:2931
Traditional set-top box: also called the number video transform box, usually called a set-top box or in-flight box, is a device that connects the television with the external signal source.
The compressed digital signal can be turned into TV content and displayed on the TV. The signals can come from wired cables, satellite dishes, broadband networks and terrestrial broadcasting. In addition to the image and sound that the TV can provide, the set-top box receives the content of the data, including the electronic program guide, Internet web page, subtitle, etc.
Users can watch digital TV programs on existing TVS and engage in interactive digital entertainment, education and commercial activities through the network. : it is a kind of digital TV signal into analog signal conversion device, it to digitally compressed images and sound signal decoding reduction, an analog video and sound signal, through the television display and audio equipment to provide high quality TV audience. It has adopted a compatible approach, which has continued in China until now.
Android intelligent TV box: also called Gao Qingan android intelligent TV box, it became a fine traditions of the android, android is a visual impact effect of the interface with android tens of thousands of money functions are set into the TV set-top boxes, android was originally play a strong character, in the field of mobile phones has now been extended from mobile phones to the field of television set-top boxes, put an ordinary TV set-top box become smart TV box. Users can also play games, listen to songs, surf the Internet and video on the existing TV.
Android smart TV box features
Cable Internet: can realize browser Internet, online video, online play and other functions.
WIFI connection: wireless connection network, Internet access, online video, online play and other functions. Video plays: 1080P ultra hd cinema, can play RMVB, ASF, AVI, MP4, WMV, etc. Video files.
Music appreciation: can support music playback function, support MP3, WAV, machine and other audio file formats.
Hd image: support BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF, etc. Online video: access to hd website via the Internet, play hd online video.
Music online: keep up with the latest and most popular music online.
Extensible storage: can use external SD card, mobile hard disk to store data and files. HDMI output: HDMI output video signal to HDTV.
Simple operation: have the remote control key + wired/wireless keyboard mouse two operation modes, simple and convenient operation.